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So something has gone wrong with your hard drive and you do not know what to do. Here are some of the most common reasons for hard drive failure.

Head/media collisions are responsible for a great number of hard drive malfunctions. Because there is more than one hard disk platter very close to each other, rotating at a rate of 150 times per second, even the slightest disturbance could make the disk malfunction. When dust settles on the magnetic surfaces after entering the sealed drive unit, it gets stuck between the head and the disk causing problems. This Irvine data recovery service can help.

Circuit board failure occurs when there is an electrical failure. It is important to keep your system clean and cool so that the components do not overheat. If you happen to notice the following changes in your machine, you should know you will need hard drive repairs very soon. Your hard drive can stop spinning. You get an error message saying that the system does not recognize the device. Your system starts rattling or grinding. You are not able to access information that you were previously able to access.

The 3 things you should do when any of the above mentions situations occur are… not shake the system or cause it to jerk… not remove the hard drive casing and take it to your nearest, best hard drive repair shop.

Losing information because of broken hard drive could be a real nightmare, especially if you have no back-up data. Although the situation is bad enough to give anyone a severe headache, be assured that there is still a possibility that the data can be retrieved. It can be done through hard drive repair.

Some people may think that hard drive repair means dismantling the central processing unit and taking out the hard drive and fixing it. Although that action is the literal meaning of repairing the hard drive, there are other options for repairing the hard drive without actually touching it, at least not yet. One way is by using system repair software. Such software allows you to fix your computer concern with the efficiency of an expert but without burning a hole in your pocket.

There are various software applications that can fix problems due to logical failure, and such programs are designed with a user-friendly interface for easy use and understanding. Even newbie computer users will not have any problems following the instructions of using system repair software. However, you should also take note that this hard drive repair option only works if the problem of the drive is because of logical failure. If the problem happens to be a mechanical one and you badly want to salvage the hard drive and the data it contains, better bring your computer to a hard drive specialist.

Any piece of equipment will encounter a problem, somewhere somehow. The same thing goes for your external hard drive. If you are trying to do the repair by yourself, make sure that you know the basics so the damage will be contained. There are no right or wrong move but make sure that you know when to say stop, meaning know when the problem is no longer for your handling. Unless you are a technician, don’t do anything and wait for someone who can really help you do your external hard drive repair.

Step 1, you need to know if the problem is hardware or a software problem, this one’s easy. Ask the questions: have you recently dropped the drive? Did you remove the drive and brought it somewhere else? If you answer yes, try to check the physical components, anything loose? If the platters were bent, you may try to carefully straighten it using your hands. Now, try and insert the external drive, did it work? If not, try step number 2. Determine the possibility of software issue, virus attack etc. Now you’re getting serious on your external hard drive repair. Run any of the available software fixes, this is a plug and play so you don’t need to become a computer genius. If still not working, proceed to step 3. Try to insert the drive to another computer, if it worked then your external drive is in tack and the problem lies in your USB port so you may want to check that out. If after trying all of these and still nothing happens, you will need the assistance of the experts to help you through the external hard drive repair.

Every piece of information is found in the external hard drive of your computer. If this becomes inaccessible then any of the two things happen: hardware and software problems. Hardware problems are caused mainly by a physical damage on the drive while software problem can go either way, either a settings conflict or virus problem. Both will result to one thing and that is the prevention of accessing your important data. Doing an external hard drive repair will resolve the issue but you need to do it carefully as not to cause any more in the drives.

There are first-aid procedures for an external hard drive repair. Certain steps can be taken. First in the list, check what the problem is. Is it a hardware or software problem? Try to listen for any unnecessary noise every time you open your PC. Most of the times, it’s the discs alignment that is causing the noise. This means that your drive is timing out and it needs a little repair. If you there is no noise and your hard drive is still in good physical condition, no scratches, you might be dealing with a software issue. If it’s software, there are many software fixes available on the internet, run one. If it works, problem solved. If not, then it’s time for a little handy work, meaning you will need to open the device. If you’re not comfortable in doing this, then it’s time that you ask for the expert’s assistance. Charges for external hard drive repair will cost $500 to as high as $3000, depending on the damage and the extent of work that needs to be done. If you need some kind of server or RAID recovery, that price will be more. See here.

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  1. This article just taught me exactly what I needed to know. I am now working as a researcher in a telecommunications company. I need to have all the information I gathered saved on my computer for reference. I cannot afford to lose them just because of hard drive failure.

  2. If I did not find this article right now, I would have probably been at a computer repair shop waiting for my hard drive to be fixed. Now that I am aware of the common reasons for hard drive failure, I can at least prevent causing damage to it.

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