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The truly compelling point about programming is that we have been doing it for upwards of 30 years now. Yes the computer systems have been improving and certainly the power of programming languages have increased markedly, but it is still the same task. I know that when I started out working with COBOL, things look a little crazy back then. There just wasn’t the kind of tools that are available to programmers today to enable them to really succeed. Just the sheer amount of functions that are available for free, coupled with the Internet, make programming all the more easy these days.

I would look at history as far as programming languages go. That’s what this site is about. Looking back at some of the programming languages we use it over the past 30 years, I realized that there have been a lot of things that I have learned and unlearned, but each language was an important thing. The documentation of these languages tend to be very poor nowadays, as they die, we reach a little bit of a computer linguistic conundrum: should they the saved?

I believe they should.


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